Who We Are

We are a body of believers in Jesus Christ, made up of individuals who were once slaves to our own sinful desires and enemies of the God who created us. But now, our relationship with God has been restored as we have fully embraced the gospel message God has revealed in His Word—the Bible. Our desire is to minister this gospel in the northwest Phoenix, AZ area and around the world.

Our Philosophy



(1 Corinthians 10:31) - We seek the glory of God in everything we do, being motivated by a love for God and others. We worship God, together as a body, with a spirit of reverence toward Him.



(2 Timothy 3:16-17) - It is doctrine that binds us together as a body. Certainly common worship and common mission are unifying factors, but they must occur upon the foundation of unifying doctrine.

Our History

Fall of 1987

Under the sponsorship of Calvary Baptist Church in Lansdale, PA, NWVBC was organized in the fall of 1987 with four families, three of which are still active in the ministry of NWVBC.

August 1987

In August of 1987, a school principal supposedly on vacation, just happened to stop by the office in time to sign papers or NWVBC would have had no place in which to meet on the first Sunday.

Spring of 1988

In the spring of 1988, when the school building became too small, God provided a day care center — an ideal place for a church full of young families with preschool children — to meet.

Spring of 1989

In the spring of 1989, when the day care center became too full, the church was given six weeks notice to find a new place to meet. With most retail space renting for nearly $10 per foot, God provided a shopping center that would rent an 1800 square foot space for $6 per foot and free use of other empty spaces.

Fall of 1990

In the fall of 1990, the property on Yorkshire became available. After four long months of negotiation, a price was finally set. In twelve weeks, God’s people sacrificed to raise the $30,000 needed to complete the sale. NWVBC had a home with a mortgage payment that was less than the rent in the storefront. The church that had owned the property previously had left chairs, furniture, musical instruments, electronic equipment, kitchen equipment and so much more. God had not only supplied a building, He had equipped it as well.

Easter Sunday 1991

On Easter Sunday of 1991, the first service of NWVBC was held at the Yorkshire location.