Updates & Livestream Access (Coronavirus Response)

In prayer for God’s wisdom and consultation with professionals, the pastoral staff of Northwest Valley Baptist Church join hundreds of church leaders across the nation seeking to responsibly re-open for public worship. Our own Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has produced an opinion statement in favor of churches reopening.

Although we believe this the best course of action for our congregation as a whole, we honor each member’s individual discretion on whether to attend in these early weeks.

We plan to regather for worship (with modifications) on Sunday, May 17, at 9:30am. Our Phase 1 principles and practices for regathering are here.

Other Updates

  • Junior Church – View current video lesson here.
  • Sunday Evening Service – Weekly YouTube video available at 4:00pm Sunday. View on via the "All Videos" button.
  • Kids4Truth – View current video lesson here.
  • Wednesday Online Prayer Meeting – See weekly email instructions.
  • Men's Bible Hour – resumes Thursday, May 21, 6:30pm
  • Freedom That Lasts – resuming with modification Friday, May 15
Sunday Evening Services and Wednesday night activities will continue online, as they are now, until we can resume meeting in a normal fashion.