Come and Dine

November 26, 2023
Pastor Kris Schaal brings lesson 2 in a series called "Our Daily Bread" or "Food" on hospitality in the life of a Christian.

Be Generous

November 19, 2023
Dr. Schaal preaches on the principle of generosity in the context of the first Thanksgiving, Jewish law, and New Testament biblical principles of giving.
Kris Schaal introduces a new series titled "Our Daily Bread", talking about lessons we can learn about why God gives us food to eat.

Being Wise Vs. Being Smart

November 5, 2023
Dr. Schaal teaches on the difference between biblical wisdom and knowledge and worldly wisdom

Seeking God

October 29, 2023
Jim Van Gelderen on seeking God


October 29, 2023
God wants to restore us and heal our brokeness  
The behavior, dress, and tactics of people who entice others to sin sexually, and how to avoid them.


October 22, 2023
Esther and Mordecai finish bringing justice to the Jews and establish the Feast of Purim to remember how God delivered them from the Persians.

Finish the Fight

October 15, 2023
Esther takes the fight beyond her own safety and secures the rights of the Jews to defend themselves.

The Justice of God

October 8, 2023
How God works justice throughout history both now and later.  Esther reveals Haman to the King, and the consequences come.
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