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The Gift of Time

December 1, 2019

Saving Benjamin

October 27, 2019

Sowing and Reaping

October 27, 2019

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Morning Service - Isaiah 2019

Evening Service - 1 Samuel 2019-2020

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accepting new people into the church who are different and some Jews tried to immitate him Biblical prophecy regarding the coming of Messiah Bringing glory to God in our witness as believers but had no power. Description of a city of refuge and why they were needed despite foolish decisions and vows re: Jeptha's daughter despite warnings from rulers Doctrines Under Attack Fearing God rather than man fully human and fully God How a church can realize the great commission How Caleb obeyed the Lord How God Uses the weak How Jesus was born of a woman How Paul did miracles in the name of Jesus How people believed in Jesus the Messiah in the Old Testament How the early church was established as a missionary church How the generations after Joshua fell into a cycle of failure in the process of driving out the Canaanites from the Promised Land. How the life of a disciple is a supernatural life filled with opportunities for sacrifice and for salvation from the Lord How the Lord can bring success out of conflict...Paul and Barnabus separate How to become a missionary church How to receive new people into the body of Christ How to trust God and be smart in dealing with enemies to avoid a war Jeptha's leadership to victory over the Ammonites Joshua puts a choice before Israel on whom they will serve going forward Keeping added or subtracted heresy out of the message of the gospel Keeping the big picture in mind when facing obstacles and enemies Love marriage Missions Paul declaring the gospel in Athens Paul preaches on unity between believers Prayer Putting God first Saul of Tarsus' conversion to Apostle Paul specific characteristics of a healthy church The apostles ask the Lord for boldness to keep preaching and demonstrating the power of God The different responses to God's message...Paul and Silas in Thessalonica The final sermon from the Apostle Paul to the strengthen and encourage them. The importance of developing leaders within the church The power of the Holy Spirit in the apostles and the early church The Resurrection What Jesus says about worship What the disciples learned while in the upper room together

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