Teen Ministries

Our purpose is to equip teenagers with resources that will help them grow in the Lord and to equip parents by encouraging them to be biblical in their approach to parenting their children.

Equip Teen Ministries

The teen ministries of Northwest Valley Baptist Church are intended to be a tool in the hands of parents as they disciple their own children. We have a passion to see teenagers intentionally involved in Christian fellowship and ministry in the local church as God intends for all believers.

We welcome the opportunity to minister in this way to your family for God's glory!

Teen Sunday School

Sunday School offers a time for teenagers to worship together in song, testimonies, prayer, and learning and applying the Word of God to their lives. Our teaching focus during this time is on particular books or portions of the Bible.

Wednesday Evening Teen Meetings

Our Wednesday evening program focuses on opportunities for evangelism and discipleship. The primary focus is the teaching of the Word of God specifically as it applies to faith in Christ, Christian growth, and various issues facing teenagers today. Most evenings also include singing and prayer, and game time geared toward teen fellowship.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Summer Camp allows us to unplug from worldly influences, experience creation and outdoor activities, build unity through shared experiences, and saturate in God’s Word.

Winter Retreat

Winter Retreat

Winter retreat gives us an opportunity to experience wintery outdoor activities, build unity through shared experiences, and be challenged by God’s Word halfway through the school year.



Teen activities provide an opportunity for fellowship and spiritual growth in different and fun settings. Activities are planned with at least one of these purposes in mind: evangelism, edification through discipleship, team-building, and service.

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