The Exchange is a four-lesson Bible study that lays the foundation for a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a must for anyone interested in spiritual things. This four-lesson commitment could change your life.

Living the Exchange is the follow-up Bible study for The Exchange. Thirteen lessons introduce a new believer to biblical Christian living concepts that are the formula for success in the Christian life.

Titus 2 Relationships are what we like to call the discipleship connections we cultivate according to the formula of Titus 2 (a chapter in the Bible) for lifelong mentoring and discipleship. We have people in our church who would love to coach you through the discipleship process and to equip you with a wide variety of discipling guides and studies. We are convinced that every believer should be involved in some kind of Titus 2 relationship. Can we find someone for you?

Freedom that Lasts is an addictions ministry designed specifically to disciple those facing the challenge of life-dominating habits. It is a must for those who are stumbling under the weight of years of bad choices. Let us know if we can be of help to you.

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